Wednesday, 27 December 2017

on my way to find myself #8; "city halls"

 Fukuoka City Hall

it has been long time, no activity and promises I will be better, hups, my semester got very tense in last weeks (fortunately all is done for now :)).

In this post I want to show off some more photos from Japan (there are still way too many haha hups..), let's not promise I will post them anytime soon, if I will, you will see. :)

Some time, while still in Tsukuba and planning this week trip, I was thinking about, how to make the most out of it, from the photo-view. I made the list (3pointed) of places I MUST visit in each of the cities.

1 City Hall
2 City Observatory
3 One place in the town which is the most touristic one (I was choosing these according to Google)

so, I believe I did the best I could, so here comes the no.1- CITY HALLS ♥

Himeji City Hall 

Hiroshima City Hall 

Kyoto City Hall 

Morioka City Hall 

Osaka City Hall 

Ota City Hall 

Sendai City Hall

I hope you liked,
Also, I wish you the best in the upcoming new year! May you begin it with clear head and dedication to be better person than ever, and may the love be with you.