Sunday, 18 February 2018

krásy Slovenské- Kráľová hoľa (1,946 m)


leaving Colombia and Japan behind, in the summertime. Two days after arriving back to Slovakia I went for a hike to see beautiful nature of Slovakia. The mountain called Kralova hola, which in exact translation means the King's Bald Mountain, located in Low Tatras. Known as mentioned in many Slovak folk ballads and poetry. Basically, the mountain is one of the informal Slovak national symbols along with Kriváň.
In the famous folk ballad is sung, that there on the top of the Kralova hola stands a green tree. I went there to check it, however, there was a TV station instead. How pitiful!

Some tourists planted a tree there, but since it's quite high over the sea level, no surprise it didn't really grow. See yourself.

Kralova hola on the horizon! (in beautiful fog ♥)

This is spring of Cierny Vah, which is one of two branches of the longest river of Slovakia- Vah.


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