Sunday, 4 February 2018

on my way to find myself #13; Mt. Fuji- 3 776 m & Mt. Tsukuba- 877 m

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji at 5am on 4.9.2017

Me. After walking up straight 8hours, still having min. 6 hours to get down... I look happy :D The view was breathtaking, thinking of the elevation, and specialty of the moment itself. Being on the top of Mt. Fuji in the country of rising suns, to watch a sunrise. I can't describe it. Just absorb :)

I feel ashamed of such bad quality. I was tired, freezing and at the top of it, my camera battery was dying (stupid me omg..) 

the crater doesn't seem so huge, but compared to the size of people you may see on the other side.. ;)  

people, people, people .. so many, looking like little ants 

Mt. Tsukuba

was lighter hike than Mt. Fuji, comparing the elevation. On the other hand, this hike was much steeper so even hiking up like max 5km, it felt like forever :-D ...
I was there with my friend Megumi, a medical student from Tsukuba (thank you for taking me ♥)! The view was beautiful and we made great memories. Cannot be more thankful. :)

With this photo of smiling me, I am ending the Japan posts (I actually got emotional now :( ...) But these were just the photos, the real memories will stay in my mind, writings, messages... 

What did all this gave me? 
Lots. I did look for myself. I found myself in few moments when I realized all I can depend on is me. I found myself screaming out of happiness. I found myself broken crying. I found myself smiling like an idiot. I found myself in work which interests me. 
If anything this all thought me, it taught me to value what I have, who I have in my life. I still may have a long way to go, but this kicked my ass enough. I believe enough. 
I learned to be open-minded, to discuss, to love, to have fun, to be silent, to be present in the moment. 

thank you ♥


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