Sunday, 28 January 2018

on my way to find myself #12; Morioka, Ota, Kawasaki

heya heya :)

Morioka was my last stop on my week travel. Funnily, it was the city I personally I enjoyed the most. Maybe because of how small it was, but full of beautiful corners, which I am sure, I found most of. Consider yourself. 

It is said, if you visit Japan you and you don't go to hot springs like you never went to Japan. So at the end of this day, I found one! They didn't speak english at all, but whatever. I took bath in female part, with only one person speaking english- 5year old little girl ♥. 
Of course I don't have any photos, it was nudity place hh  

here are photos from this Morioka city, which really did take my heart ♥
Imagine just walking around the city when suddenly, randomly you look up and see this! 
... say yourself, would you want to go there NO MATTER what? haha
I found this brutalistic-amazing-beautiful observatory! Say yourself, isn't it just on point!? :) 

the rest of the day was moody, warm, exciting and tiring after all :)

Later in the evening, I took a train to Tokyo, slept at my friend Yuki's place (♥thank you), and next day I explored the area around- Ota and Kawasaki, by walk. Then I left Tokyo and spend two more weeks in the lab. 

to be continued...


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