Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Ceci travels #3 Hungary/Miskolc

so Hello from Hungarian city of Miskolc,

when I was visiting this third largest city in Hungary, I was very blissful and cheered up by beautiful city architecture. To be honest, it was my first time being in Hungary like a real tourist haha I only drive through never stopped anywhere, even my dream is BUDAPEST ♥. Really that song is responsible for it haha. As I mentioned last post I spent last week on east of Slovakia in Kosice (you can see a photo from there as well, but only night as during the day I was in Miskolc) and of course I couldn't resist of not visiting an another place. The main goal of this trip was the city part of Miskolc-Tapolta where is very beautiful Cave bath. The name does really describe it. I will show a picture below.

The only disadvantage of this whole trip was inability to find a restaurant (except kebab or any other turkish fast food) in the city center. But we found one and I had the most delicious halaszle. Have you ever had it? Me being a vegetarian I really appreciate the huge portion, totally amazing quality and low price. I really suggest to go eat to Hungary, they are famous for huge portions haha
So now, just enjoy my photos, they are mainly of the architecture.

this picture is as I promised from the Cave bath, I don't really know how much of the area was real rocks, but definitely this place is beautiful.

Also here are some more pictures of surrounding park of the bath, yes the last post was from this park haha and if you like my fb page you also have seen this photo :)

and from Kosice

Hoping you liked some

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