Saturday, 21 November 2015

Cheep up, ma'am

Good evening,

it has been long time since last post, but no worry, more are coming as I spent this weekend at the east of Slovakia, in beautiful KoŇ°ice and on Saturday with my dad we went to Miskolc in Hungary to swim to one very unique pool, I will show some pictures in next post. Cold and rainy day today, wore orange scarf to cheer it up a bit. Wearing black, with black and nothing very special, just being myself, as always.

I grew up to belief that the worst thing in life is when you loose yourself. Be careful with it, very anxious about keeping yourself. Stupid people learn from their mistakes, smart learn from mistakes of other people. Very truth. Cheer up, keep your head up and heart for yourself. be yourself, believe in yourself even if the world stopped already. You are worth more than you think or ever though of. Just keep on holding on. Peace and justice will be only after this life.

pictures by my dad


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